This blog sucks just as much as I do

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

It's been a long time/ I shouldna left you/ without a few blogs to get through....

It is a pattern in my life to start things full of passion ad vigor. It's why I've been remodeling my bedroom for six months. It's why I don't have a Master's degree. It's why I have 6 unfinished bible plans. I plan, and prepare, and find the time, and, at least in my mind, ensure that I am extremely successful. But then I hit a roadblock, or get distracted, or overwhelmed, or scared, or in this case, all of the above and I find myself walking away from something I care about very much.

This blog means too much to me to let that happen this time.

You mean to much to me to let that happen this time.

So I'm back.

Look for a new blog every Tuesday at 5PM CST.




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