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Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Chance states what we know but are afraid to talk about.

So here we are. Several pop figures speaking out on political views with an opinion that is more than unpopular. Some feel they are hypocritical. Others feel they out right wrong. No matter how you feel about why Chance said what he said, I think it's time for all of us to agree that what he said is true and needs to be discussed if Black people are to move forward.

We do not have to be Democrats. End of story.

Well, not really, more like beginning of new story where people of color explore other political parties that identify more with their personal values and allow our own diversity to create new options in the political hemisphere.

In 2016, I voted for neither Trump nor Hillary. There were other options that I took the time to listen to and research. I knew Trump would win in my state by a landslide regardless of my vote so I was “free" to vote for whoever I chose. It felt great to not choose what I thought was the lesser of two evils. To choose according to my own values and principles.

When Chance tweeted his defense of West, I honestly felt like he was defending me. I do not like Trump and nearly all of the things he stands for as a person disgust me. I love Obama and I appreciate who he is as a person, but I do not agree with all of his political policies. Not even most of them. But facts are facts. Obama's library ain't nothing but gentrification at its finest. Trump lowering taxes made me do a lil happy dance. Both politicians are far from perfect and so are Chance and Kanye. Everybody, absolutely everybody, supports what is in their own best interest based on their own principles.

We cry that Trump is racist, but we know Hillary ain't for us either and she had the

opportunity to do what Democrats have been doing for decades, trading the Black vote for increased power and little accountability. And she would have been able to do it because Trump hating America would have excused it under, “at least it’s not Trump.” I’m sorry. That’s not good enough for me. Every single time I vote, I plan to vote for who I want and no one else, even if that means not voting at all. We don't have to align ourselves with anyone we don’t believe in on either side. We have more options.

Furthermore, we have the room and resources now to advocate for ourselves and put ourselves into power. Our issues and principles vary based on many factors outside of race and I have to take that into account when I vote. For all its worth, I care exponentially less about who the president is than my governor and senators. I also have more access to and more control over the latter than the former. We have a far ways to go, but its not the 60’s. We have more power now than ever and we need to use it in ways that are efficient and wise.

Finally, we need to understand that there is no Black agenda. There was before, when there were specific laws worded in such a way that it was clear that we were on the bottom, but those times have changed. I am not saying racism has ended, nor am I saying racist policies and institutions no longer exist. They do, they always have, always will. But to the extent that we can in our lifetime, we should fight to protect one another from those policies and actions no matter who is doling them out, whether it’s Obama’s gentrification garden or Trump’s DACA disaster. I’m not completely for or against any potential person that I have never met, including Obama and Trump, I do agree and disagree with policies and ideologies.

Racism is real. I think both Chance and Kanye acknowledge and agree with that. I think both of them are fighting and have been fighting to circumvent that in their own ways, whether through financial advocacy, art, or even their work with small nonprofits. I think no amount of education can stop somebody from being a racist, and because Chance and Kanye recognize that, they have rightfully chosen to ignore the racism and use whatever avenues afforded to them by the government policies to advocate for people of color as best as they know how. So if that means hating Trump's racism, sexism, and bigotry, but taking advantage of Trump's tax policies and hopes for job creation because it keeps more money in the pockets of us all, it makes sense to me and it does not make them a hypocrite in the least.

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